Welcome in my home: Creative Nature Photography

I am Rudmer Zwerver, owner of Creative Nature Photography. I am an Ecologist and Independent Nature Photographer from the Netherlands. My aim is to record nature in a creative, alternative way. Which is not always easy… My main subjects are landscape photography and nature photography of flora and fauna.

Landscape photography is one of the most challenging types of photography I know. Timing and light, along with a portion of luck, are very important with landscape photography. But even though the light is good, a small difference in the position of the camera can have a huge influence on the result. The use of filters in the field is distinctive for my own creative nature photography style.

While macro photography of small and medium sized animals is very fun to do. It also involves a lot of patience and persistence. Just when you manoeuvred yourself into right position lying in the grass with your chin on the ground… The butterfly flies away and no shot was made at all. Nevertheless it can be very satisfying when images DO work out the way you wanted. Most animals have been photographed before. Creative Nature Photography aims to record animals in a different, unusual way.

Photography makes me really happy en lets me become one with the subject (wether it is a landscape of an animal). I started selling images to finance this relative expensive hobby. This gives me the energy to persist in photography and to keep producing imagery. I did read a lot about photography but I haven’t done any education in this subject. I think this helps me to look beyond the standards of photography. Anyhow… I’m just having a lot of fun here….

For an impression of my work you could have a look at my portfolio on Shutterstock.


Paardenbijter Rudmer Zwerver Eternal infinity railroad perspective under fantastic sky Industrial harbor night scene Robin (Erithacus rubecula) perched on a branch Four elements Rudmer Zwerver

Creative Nature Photography Equipment:

  • Canon 5D mark III
  • Canon 11-24mm F4
  • Canon 24-105mm F4
  • Sigma 150mm macro F2.8 OS
  • Canon EF300mm F2.8 type II
  • 1.4x & 2x extenders type III
  • Manfrotto XPro-1 carbon tripod
  • Benro GH-2 gimbal head
  • several Hitech 165mm filters
  • Canon speedlite 580ex
  • Olympus E420


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