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I am Rudmer Zwerver, owner of Creative Nature Photography. Besides my job at Buro Bakker as an Ecologist I am an Independent Nature Photographer based in the Netherlands. My aim is to record nature in a creative, alternative way. Which is not always easy… My main subjects are landscape photography and nature photography of flora and fauna.

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  • Rosse Woelmuis (Clethrionomys glareolus) tussen bladeren in het bos

    Rosse woelmuis in Nederland

    Rosse Woelmuis Ecologie De Rosse woelmuis is zowel actief overdag als ‘s nachts. Alhoewel ze voornamlijk nachtelijk actief zijn tijdens de zomer. Ze houden geen winterslaap, maar zijn actief gedurende het hele jaar. De Rosse woelmuis heeft een breed dieet, … Continued

  • Shrews are among the most primitive animals on planet earth. All modern mammals descend from these early insectivores

    Shrews and mice, there is a difference

      In appearance mice and shrews resemble each other quite a lot. but that is where it stops. They are, essentially, two completely different types of mice. Or better said shrew are no mice. Voles (arvicolinae) and true mice (muridae) … Continued

  • Foraging Water Shrew, a Rare Aquatic Mammal isolated on black

    Water shrew, images of a rare and elusive species

    Through the years I have made quite some images of the European water shrew (Neomys fodiens). I am truly fascinated by this beautiful little animal.   Ecology of the water shrew As it’s name suggests the water shrew lives near … Continued

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