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I am Rudmer Zwerver, owner of Creative Nature Photography. I am¬†an Ecologist and Independent Nature Photographer from the Netherlands. My aim is to record nature in a creative, alternative way. Which is not always easy… My main subjects are landscape photography and nature photography of flora and fauna.

For an impression of my work you could have a look at my portfolio on Shutterstock.

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  • Olympuse E-M1

    Geen Olympus E7 maar de Olympus E-M1

    ¬†Eindelijk is er duidelijkheid over de Olympus E7…   Die komt er niet. Dat is ook niet nodig want we hebben sinds deze week de Olympus E-M1 tot onze beschikking, het nieuwe topmodel op mirrorless camera gebied. Met behulp van … Continued

  • Moor Frogs have woken up from hibernation

    European Moor Frogs have woken up The Moor Frogs (Rana arvalis) have finally woken up. Normally they leave their hibernating homes around the half of March. This year, they are much later because of the prolonged cold weather in March. … Continued

  • Sunrise over Les Deux Alpes

    French Alps Image

    Misty sunrise over Les Deux Alpes in the French Alpes When I was wading through my huge batch of holiday images of the French Alps, I stubled upon these. These two pictures I made during a very early walk in … Continued

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